Mary and Susan Sister Rivers of the Fraser Coast Australian Customers  $33 inc GST + Postage. Contact us for postage rates, payment options and direct deposit details. International Customers Please contact us for postage rates and payment options. © Jinglestix 2014 This attractive and informative book is produced in full colour with over 400 photographs and illustrations. Book Specifications ISBN 978-0-9803926-3-0 Size: 26cm x 20cm Landscape Page count: 160 Cover: laminated soft cover Author: Lindsay Titmarsh Release date: November 2014 Published by Jinglestix, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia To visit a place on this overcrowded planet of ours, where no other person has ever been, should certainly give the lucky participant a thrill. So it is when I venture out into the largely unexplored wilderness of the combined estuary of the Mary and Susan Rivers. Viewing an ancient, twisted mangrove tree for the very first time or standing in a few square metres of open mud in an otherwise seemingly endless scrub, is just magic. The Fraser Coast (my district), is a tourist paradise noted for its natural beauty and environmental importance, and is visited by tens of thousands of holiday makers annually. What is incredulous is that very few of these people have ever set foot on the pristine eco-system of the Mary-Susan estuary with its wonderful mangrove forests. This region, encompassing an area larger than an entire city, has to be seen to be believed. With this publication, ‘Mary and Susan: Sister Rivers of the Fraser Coast’, I endeavour to display just a small sample of what this special place has to offer. Lindsay Titmarsh